Coffee Trends – Dalgona, Specialty Coffee and Ready-to-Drink

What is happening in the coffee scene during the year 2020? What will be the biggest coffee trend in 2020? What are the big and small trends in coffee? Here are my predictions for the coffee trends in 2020.

 Big trends


According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), coffee which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scale is graded “specialty.” Specialty coffees are grown in special and ideal climates, and are distinctive because of their full cup taste and little to no defects. The unique flavors and tastes are a result of the special characteristics and composition of the soils in which they are produced.

… is biggest growing trend in coffee right now. It can be seen especially from the rising number of small roasteries popping in each city around the world from the huge metropols of Tokyo and Berlin to smaller cities like Lappeenranta. Also the big roasteries have noticed this trend a while ago and they are bringing out their special / premium brands and products. The biggest proof of the rise of specialty coffee is when Nestle bought the California based specialty coffee café chain Blue Bottle Coffee

specialty coffee in tokyo
Specialty coffee isn’t anymore only in the big metropols of the world. Picture from Tokyo where Jori visited in the summer 2019.


People are more and more conscious about what they consume and coffee isn’t an exception. People want to know where their coffee is coming from, who has produced it in the origin, how it was roasted and by who and what is the best way to brew it. 


cappuccino tulip
Cappuccino is one the fastest growing beverages.
  1. cold brew
  2. cappuccino
  3. flat white

Cold brew has been booming all over the world past 5ish years. It’s no longer a niche product that only the most advanced coffeeshops brew as bigger chains and retail players as well have taken it to their selections. The rise of cold brew has also develop the coffee drinks and many cocktail bars have nowadays some sort of coffee drink in their selection.

Cold Brew Sparkling Coffee
Ready-to-Drink cold brew concepts have been booming lately!

Even the biggest players are interested in cold brew and ready-to-drink coffee as Coca-Cola Company bought one the biggest coffeeshop chains in the world, Costa Coffee

Smaller trends


Anaerobic fermentation, carbonic maceration, XO natural, lactic fermentation… And the list goes own. Processing is now trending in the origins and farmers are experimenting with different kind of processing methods. Some of them have become regulars in the Barista Championships such as anaerobic fermentation is seen almost in every competition. For example I competed in Finnish Brewers Cup 2020 with an anaerobic fermented coffee. 

You can read about different processing methods in my blog.


The fluffy coffee drink that is made from instant coffee, sugar and hot water confuses people around the world right now. Extremely Instagrammable and good looking Dalgona has been the viral hit of early 2020. Let’s see how long does the hype continue. 

dalgona coffee and ella
Dalgona Coffee is definitely one of big hits for 2020.


Decaf coffee has been seen as a devil by the specialty coffee scene and there hasn’t been many tasty decaf options in the market. During the past year the situation has started to change and many quality roasteries have taken decaf coffee into their selection. In Finland examples of this are Kaffa Roastery  and Lehmus Roastery. The Berlin based The Barn has also had some really interesting lowcaf coffees from Brazil that I have been lucky enough to taste and they have been delicious!


Flat bed have been getting a lot of positive attention due to Jia Ning Du who won Brewers Cup 2019 with Origami Dripper and Patrik Rolf who placed 2nd with April Pour Over Brewer in the very same competition. I guess we can say that Hario v60 isn’t in anymore. Also there have been development in accessories front where No Brand Filter Papers is a good example. 

origami dripper
origami dripper
Origami Dripper has been the trendiest brewing device lately.

Is there some trend that we missed? We are going to be updating the list through out the year and if you have some trend that you would like to see on the list, send us DM in Instgram or email to [email protected]MORE POSTS FROM THE AUTHORLatte Art Tutorial – How to Pour a SwanJORI KORHONEN // HELSINKI5 Steps How to Steam MilkJORI KORHONEN // HELSINKI

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